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Want some Pizza ähhhh Pictures!?

This year I did a little special send out. After searching for months for a funny and recognizable possibility  to present my photos to potential customers I found a „Whooohooo …. itse meee!!“ way to do it.


Everybody likes pizza and everybody knows the boxes when you get one delivered … so I customized a small version of the box by stamping it in two colors (the classy it alien red/white/green) and filing it with a choice of pictures.


I hope you like the idea and if you want one just drop me a message and I´ll send mario to deliver one.


| New Portfolio

After long hours of sorting pictures, thinking about looks and materials and way to much coffee … its done at last and my new portfolio is ready to see the world.

It is the very essence of my work from the last years printed on fine art paper.

Thanks to Heiner Hauck Portfolios and Niels Demnitz FineArt Prints for making it something wonderfull and special.



If you wanna see more of it I would be happy about an invitation to a little GoSee … just drop me a message


| Tüv Süd Zugspitze

Beging of September I got a really special occasion for a shooting. The location was a construction crane on the top of Germanys highest mountain, the Zugspitze. The Bayerische Zugspitzbahn is building a new cable car from Garmisch to the top and this crane helps to build the new gondola station on the top.


I was sent up there to accompany an engineer from the Tüv Süd who made the security inspection at this crane.

Sadly we had just on day to do the shooting and that day the weather was so bad you couldnt even see the top of the crane or something around it.


But nevertheless we managed to capture some nice shots that give you a glimpse on the work of this guy.