| Bayrische Zugspitzbahn

During to a little shooting for TÜV Süd at the maintenance garage of the Bayrische Zugspitzbahn close to Garmisch Partenkirchen I had the chance to sneak around their facility and doing some side shots.


For me this was a little walk through my past, because around 20years ago I spent most of my wintertime in this trains going up and down to Zugspitze for snowboarding.

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Want some Pizza ähhhh Pictures!?

This year I did a little special send out. After searching for months for a funny and recognizable possibility  to present my photos to potential customers I found a „Whooohooo …. itse meee!!“ way to do it.


Everybody likes pizza and everybody knows the boxes when you get one delivered … so I customized a small version of the box by stamping it in two colors (the classy it alien red/white/green) and filing it with a choice of pictures.


I hope you like the idea and if you want one just drop me a message and I´ll send mario to deliver one.


| New Portfolio

After long hours of sorting pictures, thinking about looks and materials and way to much coffee … its done at last and my new portfolio is ready to see the world.

It is the very essence of my work from the last years printed on fine art paper.

Thanks to Heiner Hauck Portfolios and Niels Demnitz FineArt Prints for making it something wonderfull and special.



If you wanna see more of it I would be happy about an invitation to a little GoSee … just drop me a message


| BioTop Oberland

Some weeks ago I got the chance to shot a very special little company close to my hometown in upper bavaria.


BioTop Oberland is a Community Supported Agriculture farm close to Bad Tölz and a friend of mine is one of heads behind it. It tries to bring back a system of a solidary agricultural structure where the farmers and customers get involved with each other again. They are producing with super high ecological standards and grow different plants at each time of the year. The customers get their vegetables straight at the farm at one day very week and are highly welcome to help out on the farm whenever they want.

I tried to show the whole way of their production from the fields, to processing to the delivery.


For more information check out their website (german only).


| western usa landscapes

After spending 4 weeks with bmw in las vegas i really was looking forward to get out into the nature again … so i took the chance of already being in the us and did a two week road trip with my girl to experience some of the unreal western usa landscapes .

And all i can say about it is its just mind blowing how much completely different landscapes are following one to another … its just switching from desert to big woods to mountains to green valleys to mountain lakes to urban areas in some hours and I think you´ll need at least a lifetime to explore them all.

Before it had´t been in the top10 of my bucket list of places to visit, but now I can´t wait to get back to see more of it.


| Portfolio Outdoor Production

Some time ago I realised a Outdoor photoshooting for my portfolio. After some minor setbacks during planning the whole thing just turned out really great. It was a long weekend with a lot of driving, hiking and shooting, but the crew was so much fun and the output is just incredible.

You find ore pictures of this shooting in the people gallery.

Big thanks got out to all the people that made it happen:


| Christoph & Hanna for their great patience and good mood while doing everything over and over again

| Silvi for her great hair & makeup skills  ->

| Patti for her help before and during the shooting, helping out as an assistant and just for everything else ->

| Max for providing the whole Schöffel Clothes Setup

| Jan for providing the evoc backpacks ->

| Sebastian for the heimplanet tent ->

| Caroline & Stephanie for their help with the casting ->


| Heimplanet Landscape

During the landscape location scouting for my Outdoor production (Making of) I made some shots with the incredible „The Cave“ tent from the german based company Heimplanet.

It´s just an awesome product, that makes camping way more comfortable, easy and even more stylish. You won´t believe how many people asked what that thing is.


For more information just have a look on the Heimplanet website.


Big thanks to Sebastian for providing me with a tent and the great support.


| Making of personal outdoor production

Some weeks ago I realized a long planned personal outdoor production.

Special Thanks to:

Christoph and Hanna for their patience

Silvia for their makeup skills

Patti for doing 3 jobs at once

Max for the Schöffel Clothing

Jan for the EVOC backpacks

Sebastian for the Heimplanet tent.


Here are some Making of shots, the complete shots will follow soon here on the blog, the website and all the other channels


| Argentina Landscape

This year Head Snowboards gave me and a part of the team the chance to go on a snowboarding trip to the southern hemisphere, there should be deep winter when we were sweating here in middle europe. Should be!!!

So the plan was to visit Argentina for 10 days and enjoy deep pow, great mountains and get some shots with the products of 15/16 done … but as always in life things don´t go as expected. So we left a cold and rainy europe to be welcomed with 20° and sunshine in „winterish“ Buenos Aires and sadly we had 15° (PLUS!!), sun and slushy spring conditions in Las Lenas up on more than 2500m.

But we just made the best out of it and in the end we bagged our shots and even found some pow up on around 3800m … and the trip itself was just amazing and a hell lot of fun.

Thanks to the whole Crew: Freddy Evensen, Kazushige Fujita, Graham Banks, Elmar „ElMorte“ Bossard, Max Thurner and our guide and local  Miguel „Mike“ Duarte!!!


Here are some Landscape shots from Las Lenas … the rest will follow at some point next year!!