| BMW Canada European Delivery Tour 2015

In the last week of june it was time for the 3rd annual BMW Canada European Delivery Tour … that means a bunch of BMW M enthusiast from lovely canada came over to pick up their brand new BMW M3 & M4 models at munich to take them out for a thrilling first 2000km ride trough 5 countries and the Alps.

This year the group had 15 cars and the route brought them from munich, via seefeld, stelvio pass, st. moritz, ascona, milano and rapallo down to monte carlo. It were 6 unbelievable days of fun, good food, beautiful landscapes, sheer driving pleasure and an incredible good group of people.

Thanks to Kevin & Matt of BMW Canada, Niki & Manu of BMW M for all the good organization and again choosing me for this job. It´s always a pleasure and a hell lot of fun.