| Argentina Landscape

This year Head Snowboards gave me and a part of the team the chance to go on a snowboarding trip to the southern hemisphere, there should be deep winter when we were sweating here in middle europe. Should be!!!

So the plan was to visit Argentina for 10 days and enjoy deep pow, great mountains and get some shots with the products of 15/16 done … but as always in life things don´t go as expected. So we left a cold and rainy europe to be welcomed with 20° and sunshine in „winterish“ Buenos Aires and sadly we had 15° (PLUS!!), sun and slushy spring conditions in Las Lenas up on more than 2500m.

But we just made the best out of it and in the end we bagged our shots and even found some pow up on around 3800m … and the trip itself was just amazing and a hell lot of fun.

Thanks to the whole Crew: Freddy Evensen, Kazushige Fujita, Graham Banks, Elmar „ElMorte“ Bossard, Max Thurner and our guide and local  Miguel „Mike“ Duarte!!!


Here are some Landscape shots from Las Lenas … the rest will follow at some point next year!!