„i’m not really good at painting or singing… so i have choosen photography as a way to express myself. and this is exactly what drives me: trying to give other people a glimpse on how i see the world, trying to walk the thin line that combines documentary and fineart photography.“

born and raised in southern bavaria and based near munich, flo fell in love with mountains, snow and nature already in his very early years. he found his passion in photography to share that love and point of view with others. He is always searching for a fresh and unconventional approach to the unique needs of every customer and their projects.

His favorite and main focus lays on people, lifestyle, sports, landscape and transportation imaging and a mixture of it. He is based in Munich and Zillertal Valley, but available and keen to work all over this beautiful rock in space called earth … and if ESA, NASA or SpaceX reads this: Around it too!