Monthly Archives: November 2016

| BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

BMW and Marco Wittmann got DTM Champion 2016, after a super exciting final race weekend on the Hockenheim Ring. To celebrate this victory, BMW M designed a 200 unit limited edition of the M4 called the DTM Champion Edition.


I was sent up to Hockenheim the day after their victory to do a little shooting with the M4 DTM Champions Edition, Marco Wittmann and his BMW M4 DTM Race Car. Sadly they were already tearing down the pits, so I had to switch to Plan B and did the whole shooting in less than a hour on the racetrack. But it worked out quite good.


| Bayrische Zugspitzbahn

During to a little shooting for TÜV Süd at the maintenance garage of the Bayrische Zugspitzbahn close to Garmisch Partenkirchen I had the chance to sneak around their facility and doing some side shots.


For me this was a little walk through my past, because around 20years ago I spent most of my wintertime in this trains going up and down to Zugspitze for snowboarding.