Monthly Archives: September 2016

Fine Art Cars

Over the last years I did a lot of work for BMW M mainly in the documentation sector. But from time to time I get the chance to hijack one of their beauties to do a little extra round of shooting.


And these ones are always special.


Thanks to Andi of Delta E Postproduction Agency for his incredible work on these shots and being so patient with me!!

001-florian-jaeger-flo-jäger-photographica-photograph-fotograf-photographie-fotografie -Editorial-X100

Want some Pizza ähhhh Pictures!?

This year I did a little special send out. After searching for months for a funny and recognizable possibility  to present my photos to potential customers I found a „Whooohooo …. itse meee!!“ way to do it.


Everybody likes pizza and everybody knows the boxes when you get one delivered … so I customized a small version of the box by stamping it in two colors (the classy it alien red/white/green) and filing it with a choice of pictures.


I hope you like the idea and if you want one just drop me a message and I´ll send mario to deliver one.