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| western usa landscapes

After spending 4 weeks with bmw in las vegas i really was looking forward to get out into the nature again … so i took the chance of already being in the us and did a two week road trip with my girl to experience some of the unreal western usa landscapes .

And all i can say about it is its just mind blowing how much completely different landscapes are following one to another … its just switching from desert to big woods to mountains to green valleys to mountain lakes to urban areas in some hours and I think you´ll need at least a lifetime to explore them all.

Before it had´t been in the top10 of my bucket list of places to visit, but now I can´t wait to get back to see more of it.


| bmw m power experience las vegas 2015

BMW M gave me again the chance to do the documentary shots of their M Power Experience. After AbuDhabi in 2012 and Istanbul in 2014, it happened in Las Vegas this year.

What should I tell you about this glittering SinCity right in the desert of Nevada … everything you ever saw or heard about it is true and thats not even all of it.

The Event itself was a great combination of unbelievable locations, good food and perfect fun with the brand new BMW X5M & X6M between the LasVegas Motorspeedway and some scienc roads to drive.

The pictures are just a small glimpse of what I´ve experienced over there.


| BMW @ Shanghai Motorshow 2015

Some weeks ago I went to Shanghai China to do some architecture shots of the booths of BMW, Mini and RollsRoyce on the Shanghai Motorshow 2015.