Monthly Archives: Juli 2014

| bmw m4 hits driving academy

the brand new bmw m4 coupe is now available for your entertainment at the bmw driving academy in maisach. to get some marketing photos done i headed out there again and guess what the yellow beauty had a unsuspected rival: the even more brand new and spectacular bmw i8.

so we took the opportunity and got some nice extra shots of this absolut stunning car too … but these are content for a future post.


| landscape namibia

some time ago i got the chance to travel to namibia for a photo job … which I´ll talk about in a future post here.

It´s such a beautiful country with unbelievable landscape everywhere (not only the famous red dunes in the north). So should you ever get the chance to go there, rent an off road vehicle and go to every corner, each of them will be completely different.

And try at least to have one night somewhere in the middle of nowhere … the night sky will blow your mind!!